If you live in a warm climate, one of the best ways to stay cool in your bedroom is to open up windows and doors. The open windows and doors will help cool the room by creating a cross breeze. You can also install ceiling fans. Make sure they are set to run in a counterclockwise direction so they will blow cool air downward. Adding cooling essential oils can also help keep your bedroom cool. this page
Another way to keep your bedroom cool is to use light colored linens. Dark colored textiles absorb heat. Therefore, you should use light colors for bedding and other accessories. Additionally, you can use reflective film that can reduce up to 60% of the heat from the sun. In addition, if you do not have air conditioning, you should keep the door of your bedroom open to increase ventilation.
Aside from using cool mattress pads, you can also use a cool pad pillow topper. These pillows are made of special gel material, which helps in absorbing heat and releasing it. You can also try chilling your bedsheets before going to sleep. These methods will help keep your bedroom cool in summer and prevent your bed from getting too hot.
Another way to keep your bedroom cooler in the summer is to remove heavy comforters. While they are great for winter, you will not need them during the summer. In hot climates, choose a lightweight 100 percent cotton blanket. It will help keep your body cooler and prevent you from feeling clammy. You can also try sleeping under a sheet and not a duvet.
Changing the window coverings and curtains is another way to keep the room cool. Light colored window treatments will block the UV rays and help keep the temperature in the room cooler. Blackout curtains are another option for keeping your bedroom cool. If you can’t afford blackout curtains, you can buy reflective window film for the windows.
Installing ceiling or bedside fans in your bedroom can also help to keep the room cool. You can also install portable fans that you can place on your nightstand or dresser. If you don’t want to spend the money on ceiling fans, consider purchasing energy efficient windows instead. These will help you keep your bedroom cooler longer.
Using cooling socks and bandanas in your bedroom will also help you stay cooler. You can also use cold bottles of water next to your bed. This way, you won’t have to worry about melting or sweating on your bed. Another option is to put an ice pack next to your bed.